Using the Warp Tool in CS4

One of the nice things about painting with a digital medium, Photoshop CS4 in this case, is that I can take a digital painting I have already done and warp it (literally with the warp tool) into other shapes. This is exactly what I did with the recent work “Rain Forest” that was posted to my blog last week. The elegant simplicity of that particular abstract work of art makes it perfect for forming it into other shapes. I had quite the weekend just concentrating on coming up with some really interesting shapes to build into this newest fine art painting. 

Here are the shapes I made and played around with… 

Rain Forest Warped Shapes
…and the shapes I settled on 

And now introducing you to Magic Shores. 

magic shores

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  1. Thank you Lynda. It’s encouraging to hear. I’ll try to get back into it soon. Been dealing with personal things the last few years.


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