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I purchased an Intuos5 touch last week replacing my Bamboo tablet. I have to say having the ability of the touch right on my tablet is such a cramp reliever, and nib saver—no more scrolling with the pen or reaching for the touch area on my laptop. I still need to order the bluetooth kit for it and I want to try a surface cover this time around. See if I can’t get even more life out of the nib and keep from scratching the surface up.

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As you can see on the screen I’ve started another commerce like piece (better pic below maybe). It is kind of like puzzle building, taking bits from the underpainting with the marque tool and layering them on top after applying beveled FX and sometimes warping the piece a bit. Quite relaxing and fun on a Friday afternoon, the gray clouds making their slow crawl across the skylights before the rain begins.
Panoramic View WIP
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