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Mesa Verde Cliff Dwelling 3
I’ve been away from my blogs and forms over the last couple of weeks, just needed some down time.  Albeit the conversations have been in a number of places—G+, Linkedin, Fine Art America and even on this blog—the response and discussions to the last post, “Don’t Skip Using Traditional Medium,” have been awesome. Thanks to all who responded.
Mesa Verde Cliff Dwelling 2
Simple Architectural Beauty

Taking down time is important to keeping the creativity flowing.  I have been working on some new paint textures to use with my art as well as some photographs. I hope to have these available to the public on my texture site soon.

Some of the best textures I have created have come from suggestions or requests from friends needing or wanting something specific. How about you? Do you want a texture you can’t find yet? Let me know I will get started on it.

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