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Fine Art Autumn Textures for digital artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, and scrapbookers. Each texture was hand-painted in Photoshop by me. These are not photographed textures but may be used with photographs.
I chose this collection for their autumn color and texture range from fine subtle texturing to thicker painterly strokes. Texture 11 was used with the sunset mixed media piece.

Beach with texture 11
The Details
5 hi-resolution textures
300 DPI (ppi)
4320 x 4320 pixels
sRGB jpg files
Fall textures

Fall Texture 01 Download
Fall Texture 02 Download 
 Fall Texture 05 Download  
Fall Texture 08 Download 
Fall Texture 11 Download 

I hope you find these textures useful and welcome your feedback. Feel free to use them in your personal or commercial work, no attribute necessary. Share this post with every artist, photographer, illustrator, and designer who needs these. 
Please do not sell, use as is, or claim as your own, but do Tweet about these free textures, email a link,  Pin it, link to this post in your own blog or website.  Have Fun!

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  1. Jean, Your artwork is awesome! Your textures are beautiful and I thank you for the opportunity to work with them. You are very generous to offer these also.
    Thanks so much,
    EricaMaxine Price


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