Well I know the blog here has been sparse. What have I been up to? Writing my first Kindle book. Announcing:

 Digital Texture: Beginners Guide to FAQs

This guide is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions from a beginner about digital textures and basic technology. If you are looking for basic information this book delivers it into your hands simply and quickly. 

In this book you’ll discover: 
• How texture affects human emotions. 
• The various fields of art that use digital textures. 
• The core method of “masking” in Photoshop that you will use over and over again. 
• The crucial information about DPI and PPI to determine what size your work will print at. 

…and more! 

You could be on your way to filling in the gaps of knowledge you have presently in just a few short seconds, just click on the link below to buy the book for $ 0.00.  With the answers in hand you’ll be mastering the use of digital textures in no time.

And today through Monday (Cyber Monday) I’m offering the book for free. Click Here now.

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