Commerce by Jean Moore
COMMERCE by Jean Moore

Commerce is a work that I recently completed that I believe hit three key elements you want in any work of art but especially in an abstract work, that is aesthetics, temperament, and intellect.

An artist needs to be a designer because its not just about describing what we see or what things are but also about composition. What elements do you need to put on the paper in order to communicate the scene? To get down a pleasing composition landscape painters may take their sketchbook out in the field blocking in a scene with broad shapes, adding tone and building value to create temperament or mood all before including color. 

This is exactly what I did with Commerce as you can see in the examples below.

Tone and Value Commerce Background
Commerce - Color Background
From the background I use the marque and warp tools in photoshop to copy and paste shapes on top of the background. I want to establish calm horizontals first before punctuating with verticals and diagonals, always keeping in mind the golden ratio of composition. 
The experienced artist will know when to leave out elements because they don’t add to the piece aesthetically nor intellectually and may even be disruptive to do so…just because you see it there doesn’t mean it has to go in you painting. It is the same with this abstract piece of work. The mood in this piece is obviously upbeat and positive. In the end viewers make the intellectual connection to the title if they have not seen it already…Commerce.  
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