Marketing Campaign Test

 I’ve a number of projects in the “almost done” category and it looks like I will be getting some of the pieces to some of the project done throughout this next week. I’ll be making five textures available for free starting early next week. So be sure to check back and get yours. =)

I want to start experimenting with some teasers for my artwork. I’m starting with this original Mech series as ACEO art cards. The first was the silhouette of a Mech with the teaser “It’s Coming.” I posted this card to Pinterest, my blog, G+, FB, and on all my eBay auctions I had over the past two weeks. The long strips for Mech-JB 2 and Mech-JB 3 are specifically designed to use on Pinterest’s vertical format. Check out how beautiful they work in the stream shot.

We’ll see if I get more views on ebay when I list the two cards I have done. ACEOs (Art Card Editions and Originals), if you are unfamiliar with them, are art cards the size of a baseball trading card. What makes them different from art trading cards is that they come as limited editions or original art cards that are for sale instead of just being traded. They make wonderful gifts especially as stocking stuffers for Christmas, or part of the treats given out on Halloween. The mech series is designed for the young boys or tom-girls, and of course for all the young at heart.

We’ll see if my efforts pay off with more views on ebay when I list the two cards. I’m hopeful that there will be a clamoring of bids. =)

Mech Series Teasers
Marketing Campaign Pieces
Pinterest Stream Shot

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